Have you ever…..?

Have you ever woke up and realized things were no longer the same?  I have a daughter who is a senior in high school. She will soon graduate (may) and will be off to college. Out of state, away from home, gone…..

And it seems like everything is happening at once. Suddenly this was the last christmas/thanksgiving at home. Yeah, I know she will be back for the holidays (maybe). She will come home for summer (maybe). I woke up this morning and what has been going on is hitting me right between the eyes, “She is a grown-up”. No longer does she need me to help her make decisions. No longer does she need me to tell her what is right and what is wrong. Yes, I know she will always love me, but, she is not my little girl anymore.

She is ready to go out and live. Slay her own dragons, use ninjas to defeat her enemies and best of all, be all she can. She created her own saying “Who says I can’t do it all?” She decided that she would play volleyball in college and she will for a college in Washington with a scholarship. She decided that she wanted to be a chemical engineer and she has already lined out all her classes she needs to take. She decided in order to save money she would use an e-book reader and get all of her textbooks electronically. She is already thinking of inventions she can create to help people. She has made a million decisions regarding her future and they are all her. I look at my daughter and think, “Wow, I help create this person”. And I wonder how we did so well. She has more determination in her little finger than most people do in their whole bodies.

Differences of opinion don’t scare her.  My daughter lives life and enjoys everyone even the people who disagree with her. Life is a challenge and she has jumped in with both feet. I know she can get scared but, I also know that she can master her fear. Unless it’s about jumping out of planes and she won’t even go there.

So, I guess what I really want to say is “You go, girl!”. We will always be proud to call you our daughter. Live your life, don’t look back and keep your chin up… we love you.


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4 Responses to Have you ever…..?

  1. kerrymeacham says:

    Our daughter is 28 now, married for 3.5 years, and she loves what she does. I remember her leaving to go to college, and her mother took it much harder than I did. However, about two weeks after she was gone we were at home watching television one night and my wife looked at me and said, “It’s not all bad being an empty-nester.” That was the turning point. She had cried about losing our daughter, but then she moved on. You will too Shellie, but it won’t be easy. We raise them to be contributing adults, but they’ll always be our babies. My father still calls me “boy” and I’m 52 years old. Go figure.

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      Thank you so much for your support. I know eventually it will be okay, its just climbing that mountain and right now it looks like Everest. I know my mom still thinks of me as her little girl and I am 48. Thanks again for the support.

  2. dtrasler says:

    I love this post. My Eldest Weasel just got the notice saying she’d been accepted to the local Secondary school (we’re living *just* out of area, but all her friends will go there), so we’re just gettig into the whole next phase of life thing. Lucky for us we have two other weasels who’ll be hanging around the house for years to come. Your daughter sounds like she has ambition to spare though – could she send some over to my kids in case they grow up to become slackers like me?

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      I am trying not to dissolve into a puddle of self-pity. Writing this post did help.
      I hope your weasel does good with her new school. And yes, I was thinking about hiring her out as a motivational speaker…… 😀

      Thank you for stopping by!

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