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Deserted Islands and Writers

Welcome to Wicked Writer Wednesday (#WWW) Wednesday is dedicated to wicked writers and how cool it is to be one! Today our topic is “As a writer what would you take to a deserted island?” A list that I came … Continue reading

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Demons and vacation

Welcome to the first installment of Wickedness Abounds. Mondays will be dedicated to wicked things, people or creatures. So for the first post I would like to pose a question: What do Demons do when they are not plotting world … Continue reading

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Wicked Fun NOT

  Fun is well, Fun. Rollercoasters, haunted houses, hay rides (oops dating myself) and reading a good book. Fun is the movies with popcorn/soda and trying to forget the fact you paid $40.00 for the privilege. Fun is not trying … Continue reading

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A Round of Words in 80 days

Lord love all little ducks! As my mom used to say. Got myself signed up for A Round of Words in 80 days. No numbers to post this week. But, signing up will hopefully give me the boost back into … Continue reading

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An unwicked post

I must apologize to everyone. My dreaded day job has gotten in the way of my creativity this week. For those who don’t know I prepare taxes to support my writing fix. This week is turning out to be more … Continue reading

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Are you Wicked?

Weird friday happenings. Sitting at work and the water dude comes into the office. You know, the guy who changes the water bottle or brings full bottles. Any who, I was minding my own business trying to figure out this … Continue reading

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Why writers are wicked cool

Today’s post is dedicated to writers and the wicked cool things we get to do. We can create our own worlds and “the world is our oyster”. We get to create the Hero/Heroine/Villian of our dreams and then tell them … Continue reading

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Wicked Things

If you have been to my blog before you may notice today that the tagline has changed. And with the tagline change comes a change in direction. Actually I have a direction now before I was wandering aimlessly in the … Continue reading

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