Why not wait?

Welcome to Wickedness Abounds.

Mondays is dedicated to wicked things, people or creatures. Today I have another question for you…. Why would someone answer a cell phone on a plane?

Yes, this happened last week. I was on a flight to Seattle (love Horizon) and this man (I will not call him a gentleman) answered his cell phone. (waits for gasps of horror!)  He is very wicked bad.

Yes, he actually answered it. Part of the conversation I heard was, “I am at 7000 feet….”. My jaw dropped, bounced off my lap and landed on the floor. I know my eyes just about bugged out of my head in shock. I looked around and several other people were staring in horror at this guy.

My question to you is why would he answer the call? Why not wait? I don’t know about you but, I can wait to get a call on my cell until I am on the ground. Why? Because I don’t want to kill everyone on board with a call that could have waited 45 minutes. Yes, we were 45 minutes out of Seattle when he got the call. No one made a move, made a comment or even ripped it out of his hand and shut it off. (If I had been closer, that would have been my choice.)

I was writing with pad and pen (call me old fashion) so I beeped the flight attendant to come on back. I asked her a stupid question (how much longer to Seattle) and wrote on my pad about him being on the phone. By this time “the jerk” had gotten off his call (he saw her coming) and put his phone away. She didn’t see the call so asked me if he did it again to beep her again. 

He didn’t pull his phone back out until we landed then, the minute the tires hit the ground he was back on that phone. And the calls? I had tried to make excuses that they were a family emergency or something of that nature. But, from what I overheard they were sales calls. Yep, work related that could wait.

So why not wait? Have you ever had this experience? Have you ever been in a public place with someone shouting to be heard on their cell phone? What part of “shut off your phone” do you think this guy didn’t understand?

Thanks for stopping by…. And I am glad to be here!


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11 Responses to Why not wait?

  1. Pamela Mason says:

    I believe it’s Miss Manners (Judith Martin) who said that the telephone has done more damage to face to face communications than anything invented since then.
    Don’t believe me?
    Next time you’re doing business with a bank officer and the phone rings, even though you’re in mid sentence making a bazillion dollar loan from them… what will get the officer’s immediate attention?
    Or you’re checking out at the store, $5000 dollars cash in hand… rrring! (or, as my son’s phone signals: sheeeewoop!za! gidduooppwazza!)
    Think the cashier is going to complete your sale?
    Something about those little monsters grabs our immediate & undivided attention.
    It is completely rude and unacceptable, and when I’m in this position, my superpower daggers shoot forth from my eyeballs and my aura turns black and my mindpowers send them embarrassing itches where sun does not shine.
    Or I dunno… for jacka**es, maybe it does.

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      Oh, I agree. It happened to me today. A woman in line ahead of me at Walgreens talked on her phone the whole time the cashier was trying to take care of the sale. The woman finished the call while the cashier stood there waiting for her to pay…..


  2. OMG – I have never had someone answer their cell on a flight, and if they did, I’d probably throw something at them and smash the flight attendant button over and over again! Sorry, but I already don’t fly well….

    Here’s my “what the hell” type moment – why do people smoke cigarettes at the gas pumps? I mean, really?? It happened to me this week, and I just looked at the lady like “are you f’in kidding me?” Idiots & evil people…they’re everywhere.

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      Yes, they are. Stupid guy playing with a lighter while he was pumping gas, set his little brother on fire! I am not joking. It happened in Nampa. Stupid guy gave his brother 3 degree burns.

      Idiots abound!

  3. Peter Saint-Clair says:

    Well Emirates Airlines, AeroMobile and OnAir, and Malaysia Airlines do now allow people to talk on cell phones while in flight. As far as the reason you can’t use them (it can cause avionics systems errors), there is very little evidence that cell phones do any harm to any aircraft equipment. I worked on aircraft avionics equipment for 8 years and can attest to this.

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      I am glad. But rules are rules. They should be respected. Can you imagine 45 people or so all on cell phones in a confined space of an airplane?

      Yeah, I really want to pay the prices they charge for the privilage of hearing how old Auntie is doing with her bowl movements!

  4. I really don’t understand what some people are thinking, perhaps they aren’t. Two months ago I was in a workshop and some guy starts talking on phone for about five minutes til he realized there were about a dozen of us giving him the evil eye. Saturday I asked a store employee to help me get a tank down when his phone rang and he answered it! It was his wife. To his credit he didn’t talk long but it could have waited. You have to wonder if cell phones are the worst things to happen to mankind.

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      I believe that they are definately a problem. Hubby and I some years ago got rear-ended by a woman on a cell phone. And her phone call? Was to order a pizza for dinner…..

      How do I know? She was still on the phone when Hubby went back to her car, she was giving out her credit card number to pay for the pizza.

  5. Kathy says:

    I’m concerned about people who make left turns with one hand on the wheel and the other hand stuck to an ear. Some of those turns are pretty tight, and it’s easy to stray into the wrong lane when you’re using only one hand, and when you’re not paying attention.

    Furthermore–doesn’t anyone want to be out of touch for just a little while now and then?

    As for cigarettes at gas pumps–yeesh!

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      I was talking to my mom about that same issue. We are so busy focusing on what we have to do next that we are not paying attention to what we are doing.

      Unplug and turn off for the weekend. But, that would mean that people have to actually, you know, talk face to face. Oh, the horror!

  6. Ugh I HATE people talking on their phone while expecting staff to help them. I work at a large retail chain in Australia, and this happens frequently. However, I’ve started getting my revenge; if I’m helping someone and they either answer their phone or take it out and make a call while I’m helping them, I just walk off. If they ask why I just say that I’ll help them once they’re off the phone because I have other customers who need help lol

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