Demon vs Zombie, cage match!

Welcome to Wickedness Abounds!

Zombies are coming. The Zombie Apocalypse on twitter (#zombieapocalypse) has quite a following. They give out great ideas on how to survive. Like places that you can easily defend while waiting for the invasion to be over.

But no one ever talks about the Demons. If Zombies are going to make an appearance what will happen to the Demons that live among us? Demons vs. Zombies. Who would win? Let’s break it down.

Demons have powers. Different demons, different powers. Most of their powers are strength, magic and cunning. They can get your name signed to a contract faster than a used car salesman. Then your soul and paycheck are theirs. Some could say that they pose as real estate agents. And I would have to agree  on that as well. So cunning, is definitely something that a demon has in spades. Magic is anywhere from spells, to flaming balls of fire or instant death at a touch.

Zombies have one goal. To eat you. They are not out for world domination. Couldn’t tell a joke to save their undead life. And try to have a conversation with one? Not happening. Besides “brainzzzzzzz” their vocabulary is pretty much grunts and screams of hunger.

But, Zombies could actually win because they are single-minded in their approach to what they want. Demons can be swayed to our side with just the right amount of persuasion. Look at how many work for peanuts as IT help desk people. So if I had to pick a winner in the Demon vs Zombie, cage match, reluctantly I would have to pick Zombies. Because everyone knows that they multiply like dust bunnies.  Demons would then take over after all of the eating was done.

Who do you think would win? Which scares you the most Demons or Zombies? And can we really expect to stay safe in a Wal-Mart? What would be your defense against a demon?

Thanks for stopping by – pardon me while I go look for my holy water…….


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8 Responses to Demon vs Zombie, cage match!

  1. Heehee – fun post! I’d take a Demon over a Zombie anyday! There’s no rationalizing with a zombie.

  2. Shellie Sakai says:

    Really there is no talking to a zombie, its all about being ala cart to them! LOL! Thanks!

  3. All I can think about now is riding out the Zombie Apocalypse hidden in a WalMart. 🙂 I suppose you’d have everything you needed. Food, water, clothing…

  4. I’d probably want a demon although I’m not convinced that’s better but at least you have a chance of exorcising them.

    The problem with hiding in a Wal-Mart is everyone else will have that idea and it will be crowded. Then the zombies will have a one stop shop experience.

    I think maybe a cruise ship and put it out to sea or something like that would be a better choice. You have the same options and I don’t know that everyone would automatically head for one. If you’re on the ocean I can’t see that zombies will be a big problem unless you put into port for supplies but all that time at sea should allow you to come up with a plan.

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      ROTFLMAO! One stop shopping! You so crack me up! I love it. 😀

      My yd loves the idea of the crusie ship. She has always had the yacht idea. LOL!

  5. Jeff Greene says:

    Demons and Zombies on the IT Help Desk. Had to laugh at that. Some are Demons, but most are Zombies because they don’t know anything.

  6. Terrell Mims says:

    I say demons would win. They could use their powers to kill Zombies or fly to Alaska, where zombies seemingly never get to. I was watching Return of the Living Dead yesterday so this blog is on point.

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