Social media diet…..

Diet is at best a four letter word (not a good four letter word!).  I don’t care if it is for my own good, diets suck. For the last three weeks I have been on a forced Social Media diet. With  moving/packing, plane flights, graduation, family arriving(and staying) for graduation things have been a touch busy.

So my fun time (twitter, blog hop, Round of words in 80 days and Facebook) has suffered. I was forced to limit my time to a very measly 30 minutes a day. For some reason my family decided that they needed my attention during all of the hoop-de-hoo that has been going on. Go figure. I mean, they are adults, right? Don’t need me to tell them to put their pants on or which shoe goes on which foot, right?  😀

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. I love sharing time with them. But, I really needed just a few more minutes on Twitter!

My hubby and I have been living apart 75% of the time in two different states for the last two years. So we are now adjusting to being a couple again. Social media time? Nope, he is not used to me doing all of this stuff. He doesn’t get the fun of tweeting someone half way around the world in #pubwrite. And when I get excited because my blog got more hits today than yesterday he just looks at me like I am an alien. ~Sigh~

So today the first day of June begins my new Social media diet. I am going to limit myself to one hour and 30 minutes a day. So, my apologies if you tweet me and I don’t answer until the next day. I will be writing and sharing time with my husband. Yd is going to college in August and she will be staying with us until then. This will be the last summer with her…so many changes, so little time to adjust.

How much time to you spend on Social Media? Do you have a favorite that you would hate to give up even for a day?

Thanks for stopping by…..Yes, the graduation was wonderful and I cried buckets. Owing stock in Kleenex really paid off.


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Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.
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9 Responses to Social media diet…..

  1. Good luck! I am trying something similar (even less SM time per day) and it’s not working so well. Enjoy your time with family and share your SM diet secrets! You know that’s a best-seller waiting to be written. 🙂

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      I have failed miserably today. But, I am forcing myself to do this. I will succeed! And I am keeping notes! LOL!

      Hmm, bestseller huh? You could be right. 🙂

  2. I feel for you Shellie! Like you, I’ve been suffering an enforced diet, as first the UK trip followed by the imminence of a new job decreases the amount of time online. I’ve tried to follow Kristen’s advice, but can’t help noticing that sales and blog visits have fallen in the past two months, and my own enjoyment of blogging is fading as I have to blog like a professional – no more goofing about. I love the social aspect, gathering a new group of friends, but I’m not good at the gardening, at investing the time everyone deserves. I keep wondering where the time is for me to write the plays I’m supposed to be selling through my author brand. Today’s secret? I haven’t written anything worth using in the last three months.

  3. Shellie Sakai says:

    Oh Damian, I am sorry about your writing. I know exactly what you mean. Its been four weeks and all I managed to write is a one page synopsis and some back story for two characters.

    But, don’t give up the fun. It has to be fun or enjoyable or what is the point? Life is too short to be unhappy and this is a situation that you can control. Limit the author brand time and increase the happy-to-be-me time. You can have a blog and goof around with it. I think the more of YOU that shows through the blog the more people connect with it. And with you.

    I guess I should have said that time is a four letter word too!

  4. I can’t wait to see you online more! We can maybe do some #wordmongering together?

    I practice my social media diets on the weekends….I might tap in for a minute, but nothing like my M-F gig. Of course, I don’t have a paying job now so I have the time to spend my 30 hours a week writing & on social media, but that could all change.

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      Yes Ma’am you will see more of me. #wordmongering would be perfect! I am not going to tap in on weekends until this fall. I am going to spend time with my college bound kid and hubby. I have figured out the problem with twitter and my phone so I can do more with it. Yeah! So I can do twitter from my phone on the weekends! 😀 LOL!

  5. The social media thing exhausts me. I loved the WANA class and meeting everyone-you, Damian, Jenny, Tiffany and the others but I’m truly an introvert and sometimes it’s overwhelming.

    Anyway, I’ll keep up the best I can with blogs I truly enjoy but I think twitter and facebook will not be at the top of my list of things to do. Not because I don’t care but because it’s just too much overload, if that makes sense?

    Also, Damian? I’m sorry to hear your struggling a little with your writing. The funny thing is I have since I took the class, too. Maybe the secret is in keeping it fun, do what is right for you, and let the rest take care of itself. I don’t know if that is the answer but I hope things get better.

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      It does exhaust me too. That was another reason for creating a time limit. I just can’t sit on the computer all day doing social media.

      And I agree. It seems that after the class I have spent more time focusing on my blog than on my writing. But, I am determined to change that. And if it is one thing I know its that I am hardheaded enough to do it! 😀

      And most importantly I miss you guys!

  6. Syd Gill says:

    Congrats on the graduation! Time flies, huh? Especially when you’re on twitter and when it concerns your children! Mine will be graduating from kindergarten! GAH! I can’t believe the year went by so fast!

    Time on social media — so hard. It’s different every day…I have come to the conclusion that I need someone to stop time so I can do it all!

    Enjoy the time with your husband — your twitter/fb friends aren’t going anywhere 😉

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