Castles…an obsession

I am obsessed. Yeah I know this is only my second blog on castles but, I think about them a lot. My book is set in one and I like playing video games that have them in it (rpgs) and I have a statue of one on my desk.

Romance is not what I think of when I think about castles. It’s the history. How many people walked the halls, sat and ate in the great hall, slept in the bedrooms and just lived in them. Love, hate, birth, death, treachery, chivalry, jealousy and every other emotion or action a person could experience happened in those halls.


Walking down the halls and touching the walls, how many others did that same gesture? The thought of all the people who went before us in these halls staggers the mind. Makes us feel small and insignificant, but also gives us a feeling of eternal life.. I can understand the kids/adults who tag the walls of buildings with spray paint. They are saying “I was here, Remember me!” life is too often fleeting.

I lived briefly in a house that was built-in 1880. I could feel the lives/emotions that were soaked in the walls. It was almost as if I could touch them. The rooms held echoes of laughter and tears. It was haunted by a lady who loved fried potatoes and chocolate chip cookies. At different times we could smell them being cooked. History, human history, filled the house with a sense of belonging.

Have you ever had this feeling? Have you ever had strange or unusual experiences in an old house or building? Do ghosts bother or thrill you? Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night?

Thanks for stopping by…. I’m thinking its cookie time!!


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Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.
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5 Responses to Castles…an obsession

  1. YES! I LOVE castles and for exactly the reasons you mentioned – the history, the people, the stones worn smooth by thousands of lives over as many years…

    Every night I read ‘Into the Castle” to my daughter and even that short children’s book evokes those feelings for me. I fell in love with Diana Galbaldon’s first book “Outlander” when she described the scene and activity during the heroine’s first visit to Castle Leogh in the Scottish Highlands.

    Now I’m trying to convince my husband that we should take the kids to England and/or Scotland because they (I!) would love the castles 🙂

  2. Kathy says:

    I lived for years in a house built by my father’s uncle in the 1920s (not exactly antique, but old enough from a child’s perspective). The back door didn’t always catch when it was closed and it sometimes blew open. When that happened, one of my parents would say, “There’s Uncle Chester.” But Uncle Chester never got around to haunting us.
    I envy the British, who have preserved so many old buildings: a thread of humanity stretching back through the centuries.

  3. Pamela Mason says:

    We visited a castle in Heidelberg years ago, & the history is even more awe provoking than any of our oldest buildings here. Not just the spaces and the stones and paneling and structures, but also the way they are set on mountaintops and cliffs and coastlines. Castles are always in the best real estate locations.
    I’m this way about gothic cathedrals.

  4. Creaking houses give me the creeps! Any noise out of the ordinary spooks me beyond belief. I don’t have a ghost experience, but I totally believe….

    Sleeping in a castle would be the ultimate thril…and fright! 🙂

  5. I love old houses. They’re full of nooks and crannies but I haven’t met a ghost yet. I do love a good ghost story but they’re just not popular right now so they’re few and far between.

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