Ghoul prejudice

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Zombies are okay, but for some reason  ghouls are still considered harmless and not the least bit yucky. Enough with ghoul prejudice. Ghouls are just as scary as zombies. Just as dangerous. Just as repulsive.

So why are we not worried about a ghoul apocalypse? Everyone is planning for a zombie apocalypse. Making sure they have a safe place to hide and plenty of food. Having strategy campaigns. Don’t we need to hide from ghouls as well? They don’t make new ghouls by biting and infecting people. So most people feel safe that they won’t be transformed into a ghoul. But, ghouls are a lot smarter than zombies. Ghouls are created, according to some sources,when evil  people steal dead bodies and eat them. Eating the dead bodies drives them insane and turns them into ghouls. Another source suggests that ghouls are junkies who get their high from eating human brains. Yuck!


So why do we ignore ghouls? Don’t they deserve the same horror and dread that zombies ? They have the smell of the freshly turned earth, damp and moldy from graveyards. Their breath smells of putrid ooze from not using a breath mint after their most recent dining experience. Now add to that a figure walking toward you, trying to grab you, speaking with a lisp or a thick wet voice “Nice thighhhssss” . It wants to hurt you, not ask you for tea.


                                                        Tea Party by Rick Primeau

I will stand up here and now and say, “I am afraid of ghouls. Just like I am afraid of zombies.” We need to create safeguards against ghouls as well as zombies. Don’t ignore ghouls just because they seem more harmless. The dining experience would be the same as with a zombie but, ghouls eat more than just your brains…..

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9 Responses to Ghoul prejudice

  1. Ghouls are gross. 😉

  2. curiocat says:

    I don’t like ghouls or zombies or anything that likes to dine on my body while I’m still in it. Or not. If that’s not freaky I don’t know what is. Lol.

  3. Pwibbit says:

    Man, im most afraid of ghouls. And i agree they are alot smarter and dangerous than zombies. Have’nt you seen Night Of The Living Dead that cemetery zombie is so much harmless, mindless and absurd. But the ghouls in the farmhouse are alot smarter in the end they break into house and starting eating everyone. Ghouls are masters of undead world they are the most powerful. Everyone is afraid of ghouls.

  4. qwerty says:

    How can you compare two different types of undead. Ghouls are brutal in different ways. Zombies are brutal in different ways. But i will still prefer Ghouls over Zombies. Ghouls are way better.

  5. Matt says:

    Why are you talking about ghoul apocalypse? Right now, there is a rumour of zombie apocalypse, but they were not zombies, they were cannibals. I think something that has died cannot come back to life. When there is ghoul apocalypse then we’ll worry about it.

  6. dfgh says:

    Ghouls are the least scariest monsters ever IMO!!!!!!! But i’m still a fan of them.

  7. Thabit says:

    Ghouls never harm the living. Zombie Apocalypse is famous because zombies are famous for eating humans alive, but ghouls never eat the living they only eat dead bodies. They are totaly harmless.

  8. w says:

    Ghouls bite humans too like zombies. Which sickens, kills and reanimates the victim as a ghoul after 24 hours. Disease is known as ghoul fever.

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