So, how hot is hell exactly?

Originally posted 6 years ago… but it works today too!

I have a feeling that it’s not as hot as Northern California right now.

When there are very few birds flying around, the bugs are doing dive bomb maneuvers after your blood and the geckos are hiding, you know it hot.

So to solve this problem there are a few options: (yes pretty bullet points again):

  • Stay in the pool until either you are so waterlogged you can’t float anymore or the SPF 1,000,000 you put on first thing that morning has worn off.
  • Put a fan on the table with a bowl full of ice cubes in front of it and let the cool breeze hit you in the face until the ice melts. Then repeat until you run out of ice because the ice maker can’t keep up.
  • Or my favorite, stay inside with the a/c set at 68 deg. until there’s a brown out.

Of course if you do item number three it will help more with getting your word count or page count or #wordmongering done. Sitting back in a/c comfort with a tall cold drink trying to decide if the Main Character in your book is going to get the s**t kicked out of him or if he is going to pull a ninja/ kung fu/ samurai super move on the bad guy and kick some serious butt! What could be better than that? Oh, wait maybe it would be sitting here:

With a tall glass of this:

With this guy to rub lotion on the spots you can’t reach:

If you don’t recognise him that is Dean from Supernatural!   >:)

So what do you do to beat the heat? Your favorite cooling drink with or without alcohol? Do you use sunscreen or are you a tan-all-the-time-and-damn-the-age-spots type of person? Do we need to pick a different cabana boy or are you happy with this one? Guys, what cabana girl would you like to have?

Thanks for stopping by……going for more ice the bowl is empty! LOL!


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Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.
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5 Responses to So, how hot is hell exactly?

  1. pamelavmason says:

    Hell o!
    Here in North GA too. At least we got cloud cover today w/a chance of rain… we’ve been in a drought so long now!
    I got so hot in my house I took out all the vent lids in the floors so the air could come in unobstructed. I don’t know if your vents are in the ceilings or floors where you live, but I can say this–
    It helps!
    Now my feet freeze.
    I could use a big strong cabana boy to warm ’em up for me! 😉

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      My vents are in the ceiling. I also took the covers off so the air could flow unrestricted. But, didn’t work I am too short!!!

      So I will save you a seat right next to me so the cabana boy can take care of us both! >:)

  2. Plush says:

    Wow, we’ve had only two passably warm days in the past nine months and only just barely stopped using our heater! The grass is always greener I guess, although last year we did do that swamp cooler bit with the ice and a fan. Works decently but only if it’s blowing right on you.

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      Where do you live and can I get a job there? I hate the heat. And its been nothing but hot for the last two weeks. Its only the beginning of summer and I am already done with it! LOL!

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. curiocat says:

    I’m a great believer in air conditioning and fans. During the summer I change my hours to evening to wash dishes, clothes and to cook if possible. I do love to cool down with Edy’s Strawberry fruit bars. Yum!

    For myself I always thought hell was cold but according to this I’m wrong:

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