My blog last Tuesday was titled “The devil made me do it!”

I had lots of Devil’s Food cake and cold milk on the post for the coming out party of James Rollins book The Devil Colony. But, did anyone catch the other significance to the title? Anyone?

If you were watching tv in the early 70’s (1970 to 1974) you might have seen the Flip Wilson Show. This was one of the first American television shows that had an african-american as the host. And for the first two years it was on television it was number two in the Nielsen ratings.

But to get back to my question. Flip had an alter ego named Geraldine. She was a sassy lady who had a boyfriend named Killer. Killer was always in prison or shooting pool and Geraldine had a lot to say about him, usually sarcastic. But, her favorite saying when she did something outrageous was “The devil made me do it!”

I loved watching this show. Flip Wilson was the consummate comedian. He could put on a skirt and be this wonderfully funny woman or put on a suit and be this reverend/con man. Flip Wilson was a man who didn’t have to use profanity to make you laugh. He had a way of tickling your funny bone just with his wit.

It was this kind of television that made me realize that sarcasm can be good. That sarcasm could be used to make people laugh without being mean. That it could make everyone laugh, even people who think that different skin colors are a bad thing.

So, thank you Flip Wilson and Geraldine….the devil made me do it, too!

Have you had a person/entertainer/author make a profound difference in the way you look at life? Has someone made a comment or catch phrase that sticks with you? Do you remember a show or movie when you were a kid that you loved?

Thanks for stopping by…… and really, the Devil made me do it!!


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One Response to Geraldine…

  1. You found a TV show that I’ve never heard of!

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