Sweater demon

I knit as a form of relaxation and this afternoon was spent knitting and frogging (if you don’t know what frogging is, its ripping the stitches out that you just knit) on my husband’s sweater.Which was anything but relaxing. I swear the thing hates me. I know somewhere out there is a sweater demon putting the jinx on this sweater. I have been trying to finish it for, get this, 8 YEARS!!! GAAAK!

Too Long!!! (push me off the plank into the ocean now please!) I knit and frog, knit and frog, knit and frog, knit and frog. To make matters even worse the pattern is wrong. The chart for the center of the sweater was wrong. I had taken it to three different local yarn shops and all of the ladies that work there had said no way will this work. I tried contacting the pattern company but, this pattern is so old there are no corrections available. So I altered the pattern and fit another cable down the middle of the front and back. Thank god for the internet. I had to find a cable to fit and one that my husband liked. It took me three months. So essentially this is a one-of-a-kind designed sweater. Shoot me, please.

Another form of relaxation for me is sewing. I had three big projects to finish for Haley before she went to college. I finished them today. A duvet cover, a jean jacket and altering a pea coat. What did my husband say when he saw me sewing instead of knitting? Nothing I want to put here. To say he was a little miffed is an understatement. I can understand where he is coming from, the dude has been waiting for this sweater for a very long time.

But, other projects beckon and whisper “work on me, ignore that demon sweater” and unfortunately I listen. Other projects you say, yep, how about I make teddy bears out of old clothes or I tat or I do counted cross stitch and most importantly I write. So lots of competition for his sweater. But, if I know which side my bread is buttered on I need to finish his sweater by Christmas or I am a toasted cheese sandwich…..

Do you have projects that simmer on the back burner? Or do you do your projects one right after another? Do you like toasted cheese sandwiches? What do you have to get done by Christmas? And it will be here faster that you know it. Just sit and think about the fact that August 1 is a week from monday….

Thanks for stopping by…….


About Shellie Sakai

Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.
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9 Responses to Sweater demon

  1. Kerry Meacham says:

    My first novel is still unfinished. Got the idea, and wrote some notes, then put it away. Two years later I had a spark of an idea to push it forward, and outlined it but other things pressed in, and I put it away. I joined a writer’s group a couple of years later, for songwriting, and there were novelists in the group, I heard them talking about nanowrimo and I participated. First draft…woo woo!!! Only problem…it sucked, therefore I must not be a good writer, and I put it away. Three years later I get the itch again and start with a critique group, go to a recommended website, and after following numerous threads from one to the next, I run across Kristen. She suggests I start a new book for WWBC, so I set it back. As I figure it, the first spark for the idea is at least 12-15 years old. I will finish it one day, if for no other reason than I need to do it for myself.

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      And when you do finish that “spark of an idea” I would like to read it.

      Thanks for stopping by….

  2. Lesann says:

    Boy do I do this too…and how. I’ve got fingertips into so many different places and projects it’s a wonder I ever get anything done. Nowadays I work on certain stuff in specific environments. There’s writing and editing when I’m on the train (long journey), beadwork when I’m flying (only a couple of hours), catching up via phone (when driving). I don’t knit but there’s this quilt I’ve been making for my cousin’s wedding present…..she’s been married two years already. I need a cheese sandwich.

  3. I’m so happy to see you post!

    I have sooooooo many projects that sit on the back burner, the largest probably being my house. We’ve been here for three years, and we still have a room upstairs that needs the wall paper ripped down. I’d love to have that finished by Christmas…

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      Thanks Tiff. It feels good to post once a week. I really enjoy it more without the pressure to perform. And if you need help ripping down the paper let me know. I am really good at deconstruction, or so my husband the contractor says… LOL!

  4. Organize my books. My husband is always asking when I’m going to do something with them and I say I’ll get around to it. I’ve been ‘getting around to it’ for years. And I will. Soon. I can feel it. Lol.

    • Shellie Sakai says:

      Organize your books? Organized how? You know where each one is that you need. Tell him if you organize them you will never find anything. LOL!

      And what is worse? A little disorganized pile of books or you pulling your hair out because you can’t find what you want? Let him decide. I bet the books stay as they are! LOL!

  5. Jenny Hansen says:

    Oh my God, Shellie, I could go on forever…Our year has been new baby, death of last parent, moving and consolidating two households. You can only imagine what our garage looks like!

    It’s funny, I knit to relax too. I do it on conference calls to help me focus and at writer’s meetings to help me listen, and in the car when it’s too dark to type. I know lots of writers who knit…must be a creative thing.

    I’m with Tiff…I’m sooooo happy to see you post!

  6. Shellie Sakai says:

    Wow! You have had quite the year. I am so sorry to hear about the death in your family. Blessings.

    Garages are meant to be messy. That is what my hubby says when I comment on the piles he has…LOL!

    We need to get together an compare knitting projects. I have another one going that is thigh-high toeless heeless socks. For Haley. Oh, man, am I a toasted cheese if he finds out!

    And thanks for the happiness, it feels good to post again. This time without pressure to perform. I like life to be fun and now it is!

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