Perfectly wicked

I stumbled across this mug and decided that I NEED it. It totally shows my personality:

Don’t you agree? I love the whole wickedness of this mug and the threat on the back. I decided that whenever anyone gets on my one nerve I am going to wave it under their nose!

Another thing I need to do is let my inner wicked wench out. I have had her chained to a wall for the last three months and that is enough. So for your reading pleasure today I am going to let her off her leash, and put her in her place.

Wicked Wench: “Finally. It’s about time you hauled me out of that crawl space. I am going to report you for inner-critics abuse!”

Me: “Really? I think the abuse issue goes way back and its been dished out by you more than me. Chaining you to the wall was my way for a little payback.”

Wicked Wench: “Payback! Payback! I will show you payback everything you write for the next year is going to be dog poop. I will tell you it is going to be dog poop and you will believe me!”

(I forgot to tell you that she has the voice of a Chihuahua on meth – really high-pitched and squeaky)

Me: “And as far as your opinion is concerned, ~sticks out tongue~ here’s a raspberry. Your opinion will not matter to me if you are being evil. Wicked, yes, evil no. So figure out which side your bread is buttered on, because I hear that inner critics are a dime a dozen and you just might be replaced.”

Wicked Wench: “You wouldn’t dare!”

Me: “Try me.”

The new me has a stiffer backbone. The new me has a better opinion of myself.

Thanks for helping make the new me!

So, goal number one for this week was achieved. No more nasty inner critic.

Inspiration comes from my daughters: both are wonderful women who will achieve anything and everything they set out to do. And my mom, who came out from under the desk (finally!) and is writing her memoirs.

Give a hug to all the wonderful women in your life and say “Thank you”. You would be a different person if they weren’t there.

Is there a nasty inner critic that I need to exorcise for you? Do we need to hold an intervention? How about some chains, slightly used, for a cheap price? Did you have a wonderful woman inspiring you to be all you could be? Who was it?

Thanks for stopping by…..


About Shellie Sakai

Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.
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4 Responses to Perfectly wicked

  1. kerrymeacham says:

    LOL – “Don’t Make Me Call The Flying Monkees” I love it. That’s hilarious.

  2. My mom and my daughters are my inspirations. My mom because she overcame a lot of abuse from her childhood. My daughters are strong in different ways but I admire each for her unique qualities. Holly is quietly persistent and doesn’t give up. Tracey with her rebel ways and stubborn determination. They’re great kids any parent would be proud to claim.

  3. Your post made me smile, Shellie! How’s the writing going? I miss you…

    My mom, her sister, my dad’s sister, and my grandmother are my inspirations. Is it possible for a girl to love four women so much?

    You may be wicked, but I’ve been called the “B” word many times over. I have a few keepsakes too – because I’m proud of it. One is an ashtray from college that says “B’s Butts” on the rim and another is a T-shirt that says “That’s Miss B to You.” Obviously, I”m trying to keep it G-rated here. 🙂 I have to have a talk with my inner B sometimes – I have to remind her who’s the boss and who gets the final say.

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