We all have them. We have them of other people, and of ourselves. We expect the car mechanic to know how to fix the car right, the first time. We expect the hairdresser to make us look beautiful, no matter what they have to work with. We expect our doctor to pull a miracle out of his scrubs, no matter what the odds are.

Expectations fill every boy and girl when their birthday, Halloween or Christmas approach. What awaits them on that special day? Will they get their hearts desire? The thought of not getting what they want never even enters their heads. Children have an uncomplicated view of life, they expect you to drop whatever you are doing and see to them, their needs and wants. (I don’t remember reading that in the owner’s manual, do you?)

Expectations fill us with happiness, worry, joy or dread. Depending on which end of the stick you are standing. The hardest part about expectations is when you feel them unfulfilled. The anticipation withers and dies inside you, leaving a sad lonely emptiness.

Here in the Napa Valley expectations are running high. The harvest has been going on for the last month and the weather is not cooperating. Grapes like heat, not too much or too little. Heat brings the sugar content up in the grapes which makes for better fermentation. Better fermentation makes a better tasting wine. Like every other farmer on the planet, weather can make or break a harvest.

The weather this summer has been hot, up into the high nineties. For the last month it has been fluctuating up and down. With some actual cold days, in the seventies (nice for me, bad for the farmers). So this has not made the farmers or the grapes happy. Usually by this time all of the grapes have been harvested. But, because of the weather there are still some grapes on the vines. They don’t have the sugar content so they don’t get harvested. The grapes will be left to rot on the vine, unfulfilled expectations.

More expectations fill this month. NaNoWriMo. This simple acronym fills writers with excited anticipation. By November 15th expectations of completing the 50,000 word goal are either riding high or plummeting into the basement.

For myself, I set my expectations high, really high. The more difficult the challenge, the more I want to jump right in feet first. (Notice, I didn’t say head first which would require me using my brain.) This month I am participating in NaNoWriMo, in Warrior Writer’s Boot Camp with Kristen Lamb and classes for my job (continuing education) that need to be done by November 30. So, sleep is definitely optional this month!

Expectations, they can make or break you. Which will you choose? Easy or hard? A lot or a little? If you fail to meet your expectations, do you pick yourself up and start over? Or do you lower your sights? Do you think that setting your expectations high are a recipe for disaster? Or a motivational tool?

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About Shellie Sakai

Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.
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3 Responses to Expectations

  1. amyshojai says:

    Well, my mom always tells me, “If it was easy, EVERYONE would do it.”

    I’m sorta wishing I’d picked something everyone does, LOL! Hang in there!

  2. Donna says:

    I may have reached my maximum capacity at this point in my life. Maybe I’m just worn out….or maybe I’m burned out….but bottom line – today I choose easy.

  3. Good luck! You can do it.

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