Worry unwritten

I have a lot of blogs saved as favorites, or rss feed onto my homepage or emailed to me. Most these blogs are about writing, or are writer friends or writers I want to be friends with but am too starstruck to ask. I spend a great deal of time reading these blogs (sometimes I even comment!) and mulling over the advice or information loaded into these wonderful tomes.

The trouble with this is that I get weighed down with all of the advice, info or must-dos for my writing. I have enjoyed reading my favorite blogs but all of the advice froze me to the point of being almost impotent.

Then  I clicked on a link to a blog from Magical Words by A J Hartley. It was called “Taking a break from writerly advice.” Mr Hartley’s blog gave me insight into not just my own OCD behaviour but reminded me that I was not alone in this situation. Sorry to say there are a lot of us who suffer from this affliction. It was such relief to read the comments and see how others coped.

So, from now on I will write in excess and read writerly advice in moderation!

How do you handle all of the input you receive? Do you believe that there is a thing as “too much information”? How do you balance out your writing info blog reading vs. your extracurricular blog reading?

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Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.
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3 Responses to Worry unwritten

  1. amyshojai says:

    Great advice! I also have a habit of reading blogs so much that I neglect my own writing–and to that end, I’m shutting down the Internet for a while! *s* Great post.

  2. Handling input on a good day is easy. Handling input on a bad day…not so much. I’m a woman. I own it and have no problem agreeing (mostly) with the fact that we can be emotional. It’s not a bad thing, and I find the only people who really think that are the people our emotions are impositioning. Well, to those people I say, too bad. I have emotions. Sometimes they’re composed. Other times, they are easily set off. And occsionally they are set off after a million random things have beaten me down. Humans were meant to feel and sort through those feelings in the best way possible. When I get input on a bad day, I fume for a while, vent for a while after that, mope then put it away until I’m in a better mood. Once the skies have cleared, I revist the input, decide what I agree with, discard the inaccurate and move on. I realize putting it in this list formation makes it sound oh-so easy, but it’s really not. It takes time. Which isn’t to say you can’t breeze through the steps. Because sometimes I have. Being clear is key. If whatever you’re doing in regards to input (irregardless of how good/bad the day is) isn’t working, you’ve got to adjust. Adapt. Emotions are a good thing unless you know what the problem is, refuse to change it or even try to chance it but still want to wallow in those feelings. I don’t entertain that kind of insanity. It’s not good for my complexion. 🙂

  3. curiocat says:

    I’m not reading too many blogs at all right now because no time. That being said when I do read them I don’t try to remember them too hard. I figure they’re somewhere in the back of my mind sending me in the write (pun intended) direction.

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