The Tuesday Train and a Wal-Mart experience

I like Wal-mart, really I do, but for some reason the people who work in the shoe department at a California store can’t seem to get it. My husband buys his work boots through Wal-Mart because a) he can find a shoe that fits and b) they are a reasonable price. When you rip through a work boot in less than 3 months you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg.

Recently he bought a pair of boots, got them home and when he went to put them on he realized he had two left shoes. Yep, two left shoes in the box. So, he got his receipt, the boots and off to the store he goes. The lady behind the counter was very nice, gave him his money back and then told him that this same incident has happened three times that week. Not thinking anything of it he went to get another pair but, they didn’t have his size. We waited two weeks and went back to see if they got more boots delivered. There was one box of boots in his size left on the shelf, so naturally we grabbed them up. Mindful of what happened before I checked them out to make sure there was a right and a left shoe

Nope. It was the same freaking pair he bought and took back.The person who works the shoe department just put the box back on the shelf without checking why they had been returned.

Its been six weeks since he returned those boots and we have gone back four times looking for boots. Every single time those boots with the two left shoes have been on the shelf. Every single time I pull them out of the box, put them on display so someone would realize these boots needed to be sent to the manufacturer. I wanted to show someone in the department but, no one is every around. I just wonder how long those boots will be on the shelf , how many times they will be bought and returned.

Now that I have vented! Its time again for the Tuesday Train! Just click on the link, post your name and visit with some wonderful bloggers!

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Take care and have a great week!!


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3 Responses to The Tuesday Train and a Wal-Mart experience

  1. curiocat says:

    That’s truly awful, Shellie. I had the same thing happen except it was for something else. I can’t remember what it was but I do remember thinking that someone must have returned it and they just stuck it out there without checking the box. The manager told me that had been a problem lately. No kidding.

    Did you try checking Wal-Mart’s online store? It’s possible the boots are available there. Good luck!

  2. I hate when I shop specifically at Walmart that I’ll discover something like that when I get home – or buy something that has obviously been used, re-boxed and returned. I’ve always wondered if those items I’ve ended up returning because of that end up back on the shelf – more than likely considering your Boot Incident. 😉

    Thanks again for hosting the train – have a great week! 🙂

    Funny Lists, Winemaking Fun, Tricky Eyeballs and Serious Brain Trouble

  3. Ohhh, the dreaded Wal Mart!!! They’ll exchange or take anything back… but this is probably why!! lol Hope it works out!

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