The Tuesday Train and Spell Check

How does the computer figure that “your week” should be “your weak”?

I have no problem with the computer catching my mistakes, but, when it absolutely insists that I am using the wrong word??!! In last week’s post I wrote “your week” and the computer wanted to change it to “your weak”. It must do this for other words, I just haven’t run across them yet. Have you ever had this problem?

Do any of you remember life before computers? There was typewriters, ink ribbons in black and red (red to emphasize) and correcting ribbons. Before correcting ribbons there were eraser pencils. And a dictionary sitting next to a thesaurus. Do kids even learn how to use an actual dictionary or do they get taught to look it up online? I know they don’t get taught cursive writing anymore, well, at least here on the West Coast they don’t.

~Sigh~ I think I’m going to go hug my dictionary.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Take care and have fun!


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5 Responses to The Tuesday Train and Spell Check

  1. curiocat says:

    I love my ‘printed’ dictionary, too. I used to buy one of those ginormous ones every year in the bargain section of the bookstore but now they’re nowhere to be found. I think I’ll go hug mine, too. πŸ™‚

  2. C. K. Crouch says:

    Oh I love it when I mean its and it tries to tell me it’s. It gets me all confused. But yeah things are funny when Word thinks for you. I am the Queen of Typos. Most of them are hitting the second letter before the first. Like form for from, I had to finally go in and set it to change it. Only thing then was if I used the word form it was trying to correct it back. Oh yeah I hated typing on typewriters. I hand wrote all of my college papers because typing was a chore. I find it easier to look things up online since I don’t have a recent dictionary. But even that is a pain lol. My sister would ask me how to spell something when she was younger and I’d tell her to look it up in the dictionary. She looked at me and said how can I do that if I don’t know how to spell it.? I was like didn’t they teach you the sounds? You go by the letter sound. She was only five yers younger and I was in junior high, no not middle school, junior high lol. Great post keep the fun coming. πŸ™‚

  3. Camille says:

    I swear I will never get an iPod. Those autocorrect things are funny when you read them online but when I use my mom’s apple products, it drives me absolutely mad!

  4. Autocorrect drive me crazy – but it does make for some comical moments! πŸ˜‰ They’re not teaching cursive on the West Coast? They’re still teaching it here (at least Princess Nagger was learning it last year in 3rd grade…wonder if this year will be different…) Princess Nagger thinks it’s hilarious that I learned to type on an old clunky typewriter in high school – we didn’t have computers then. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks so much for hosting – have a great week! πŸ™‚

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