The Tuesday Train and gas

Is it just me or has the gas situation gone beyond the ridiculous? There was a refinery fire in California at a Chevron plant. It took them 10 hours to put the fire out. Cal OSHA won’t let federal arson investigators into the fire site because it is still considered dangerous. Okay, danger, I can understand not putting people at risk. What I can’t understand is, if they keep everyone out of the area how is it ever going to get fixed?

Next, if it was confined to a Chevron refinery, how come prices for ALL of the gas companies has gone up? The gas companies logic defies reason but, I’m going to try to break it down ;

If they raise the prices, we won’t buy as much. Therefore they don’t need to refine as much because we aren’t supposed to be buying so much because the prices are so high.


The prices go up because we use more during the summer because the gas companies don’t have enough ready for use. Which means the gas companies forget every spring that summer is the next season.

Ridiculous, isn’t it? When are we going to call Bu#$-Sh*^ on this situation?

I can recommend a great platform for both Romney and Obama, gas prices. Dig into it and propose a logical workable solution to the high gas prices and whoever will win by a landslide.

But, that’s just me. I guess common sense is out of fashion in Washington.

What is your thinking on the gas issue? Do you have a solution that will win you the Nobel Prize Best Fix of the Year?

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2 Responses to The Tuesday Train and gas

  1. curiocat says:

    Whoever figures it out will deserve the Noble Prize. 🙂

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