The Tuesday Train and commercials

Is it just me or are the commercials getting more and more ridiculous? In a ten minute commercial span I can: cure my depression/erectile dysfunction/bladder issues while driving a vehicle that will park itself/get great mileage(yeah, right): texting on my latest phone to my new BFF’s BFFs that I met through eharmony: in the middle of dinner which consists of pizza/a huge (can’t get my mouth around it) hamburger/fried chicken bites/tacos (that aren’t horsemeat!) and save hundreds on car insurance. WOW! I am a super genius!

These commercials are so busy telling us over and over how we need their products to live a fulfilled life. I am sorry, I can live without a rag that soaks up water, or another chemical to add to my laundry because the other detergent (that I pay big bucks for) just doesn’t get the job done. The next commercial that I see about saving me money on car insurance I am going to make them put up or shut up. I want proof that they will save me money. Not some vague commercial that says “Oooh, on average we can save you money!” What is average? 1 out of 5? 1 out of 10? Or is it 1 out of 100?

Remember back in the day when companies sent samples of their new products? So we could actually try them before we bought them? Now if we don’t like it we are stuck with that 50 pound bag of gluten-free/fat-free/taste free cereal that is supposed to be so good for us.

One more rant for the road… How about the serum/lotion/cream that wipe away all signs of aging? And they put it on a twenty-something or thirty-something? Come on! What kind of age spots appear on a twenty-five year old model? Watch out it could actually be a freckle!

Today, I cancelled my dish network. Enough is enough. I can watch DVDs if I want to see a movie and the only commercials are movie promos in the beginning. Fast forward, baby, gotta love it!

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2 Responses to The Tuesday Train and commercials

  1. Commercials have gotten SO annoying! I never watch anything ‘live’ anymore – my DVR gets quite the workout (and enables me to fast forward through all the annoying commercials…) 😉

    Thanks again for hosting – have a great week! 🙂

    Lovin’ JT Hodges and Keeley Dodd, Back to School Prep Legend of Zelda Style, Cool Anniversary Gift – RTT Rebel

  2. Julia's Math says:

    Haha. I refuse to watch commercials. Netflix is my new bestie! Found you on the train!

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