The Tuesday Train and aging

Last week I wrote about fluids, blood pressure medicine and the resulting bathroom calamities.

This week I thought I would expand my comments on aging and talk about another symptom that afflicts women specifically. MENOPAUSE…… oh, yeah, we’re going there.

I find it mildly ironic (or maybe terribly ironic, depending on the time of day) that Menopause is composed of two words – men and pause with an O thrown into the middle. Obviously a woman did not name this affliction because if she had it would be called :


Menopause is not just night sweats or hot flashes. No, it’s a whole bunch of assorted crap that we have to go through. Such as:

  • Random pains anywhere on your body at any given time
  • Hot Flashes. Enough said.
  • Forgetfulness to the point of being scary. (I have stock in the Post It note company)
  • Mood swings – making my husband wonder if he is talking to Jekyll or Hyde
  • Even though I mentioned them above I wanted to say it again. Hot Flashes.
  • Still having that time of the month, it might be lighter but, it’s still there. 😦
  • PMS – this too is a little easier, I just want to yell now and not bite heads off anymore.
  • And last but definitely not least, HOT FLASHES.

So, if you haven’t joined this club yet, let me know when you do. I have T-Shirts.

Come on board the Tuesday Train, visit with some wonderful bloggers and make new friends!

And if you prefer Twitter, we now have the Twitter Train! Come on by, and meet some great people in the Twitter Train lounge!


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2 Responses to The Tuesday Train and aging

  1. Camilleta says:

    Bah, good to know being female doesn’t get easier with age! Lol.

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