The Tuesday Train and thoughts

I want to apologize for not posting last week. It would be easy to blame it on my internet being down (which it was), or the fact I ran out of time (nope had lots of it) or that I ran out of ideas (sometimes but not last week).

No, the real reason is that I couldn’t summon up the motivation. I felt bad for the Hurricane Sandy survivors. I had a bad case of the blues caused by sending my daughter back to Washington and leaving my other daughter back home.

And these last few months of people tearing each other apart because they disagreed over political beliefs has set my teeth on edge. When did the phrase “agree to disagree” go out of style? When did it become normal to call a sitting president “Hitler”? I wasn’t a fan of the last president, but, I would have never compared him to a butcher.

I promised I wouldn’t talk politics and I’m not. I’m just talking common sense, compassion and decency.

I think this was the first presidential election that made me feel sad.  No matter who wins, let’s hope we can all get along afterwards.

So I was the disappearing rail car last week and not just because it was Halloween. I hope every enjoyed the trick and treating, and of course the non-caloric candy!

I know it’s not candy but, it’s chocolate!

Take care!

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3 Responses to The Tuesday Train and thoughts

  1. greatnessnu says:

    You are surprisingly honest 🙂 I understand what you mean about the politics…I say whatever happens lets just pray that this nation remains safe, filled with opportunity, culture, freedom, and everything else. By the way…that cake looks delicious! No really I’m serious 🙂

  2. C. K. Crouch says:

    Oh I wish I had some of that cake. I am late commenting but I for one am so glad this election is over. I so wish they’d learn to use positive words and none of them can seem to light a fire under congress. So it doesn’t matter who is president. He has to fight with congress and they don’t want to work as a whole. I think we all need to put away the anger the bitterness and work as a team. No matter who we voted for or in my case didn’t vote. Minor problem with moving since the last election and missed the date to mail the paperwork off after I registered online. Color me forgetful 🙂 GOod to have you back Shellie.

  3. Camille says:

    I was also really disappointed at everyone’s cut-throat attitudes this election season… So glad it’s all over!

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