The Tuesday Train and I refuse to do it

I refuse to do it.

“IT” being feed into the fear/paranoia/imagination people are having about 12/21/12.

I prefer to think about chocolate or sex or anything but “THE END OF THE WORLD” (said in a loud echoy voice).

I have such a fertile imagination that I can not only follow Alice down the rabbit hole, I can turn the hole into a chasm with purple-polka dotted roses and a Cheshire cat that is actually a woman eating tiger.

Imagination is a wonderful thing but too much and you will be headed down the abyss with a white coat on shouting “Off with her head!”

Seriously, The Mayans said the end will mark a change. It could be that we won’t see any more blonds. Or maybe the sky will turn green and the grass blue. Or just for kicks maybe they just ran out of room on that round tablet thingy.

I vote for that they ran out of room. And when they did, there was hysterical laughter around the carving for months. Every time someone said “2012” everyone would convulse into laughter. 🙂

Here is to starting the new year with laughter instead of fear.

Come on board the Tuesday Train, visit with some wonderful bloggers and make new friends!

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About Shellie Sakai

Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.
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3 Responses to The Tuesday Train and I refuse to do it

  1. C. K. Crouch says:

    I’m with you Shellie I doubt there’s anything going on other than just another day counting down to Christmas. 🙂

  2. C. K. Crouch says:

    Change does not equal the end. Maybe they all flew off in their space ships and left a few behind to tweak our noses. 😉

  3. Kathy says:

    A friend told her children that the man who made the calendar quit his job and they couldn’t find a replacement, so they just stopped making calendars. Sounds reasonable. However, I’m waiting to clean my house until the 22nd.

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