The Tuesday Train And it’s January….

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! We have survived 12-21-12, the Fiscal Cliff and Christmas. Now all we have to do is be faithful to all of those new resolutions that we promised to keep.


Me?! I have one resolution that I would like to fulfill: to finish this blasted novel! Editing has been going well, the plot has the elements it needs BUT I am still having a mutiny.


And unlike the movie, I can’t shove my character overboard. His main objection to the role I put him in is ” I feel like a villain. Why does everyone hate me?” DUH! Because you are the villain, you are the bad guy. The guy everyone loves to hate. Nope, he wants to be the bad guy who turns out to be the good guy at the end of the story. Like Snape in Harry Potter.


You’ll remember that I had character problems a few weeks ago. The main character was a doofus, the sidekick was the hero and both of them sent me to the whiskey bottle.

Yeah, same story different drink this time. My villain turned out to be hiding the fact that he was the twin doofus to my used-to-be-main-character. Oh, yeah he’s evil. About as evil as the last Twinkie sitting on the shelf. He is all golden cake with a creamy inside.

Why do you ask am I having so many problems with my characters? I guess when it comes to my characters I am so happy to find them I don’t ask them the hard questions. Yes, writers have conversations with imaginary people.  When you are a writer your characters are as real to you as the real people who inhabit your life. Having a conversation with them gives you intimate knowledge that makes them come alive to your readers.

No, these conversations don’t require the use of pharmaceuticals. It’s called a wild and vivid imagination.  And lots of wine, Chardonnay to be precise. I find that my inner critic loves to tie one on. So every chance I get I try to get my inner witch drunk. That way I can write in peace, but that is a story for another day.

Speaking of stories, starting friday I am going to be post excerpts from a short story I wrote. A case of FanFiction that went a little too fruity-in-the-loops. Stay tuned.

So let’s have a glass of wine to celebrate January, resolutions and turning a villain into a cream puff.

Come on board the Tuesday Train, visit with some wonderful bloggers and make new friends!

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About Shellie Sakai

Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.
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2 Responses to The Tuesday Train And it’s January….

  1. C. K. Crouch says:

    I love the villian turned into a cream puff twinkie.

  2. Wine does tend to allow the creative juices to flow more freely – looking forward to seeing how your villain progresses when you tie one on! 😉

    Thanks for hosting – have a great week! 🙂

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