Uh, I missed the Train! And a Pope.

My code mistress extraordinaire, Christy of My Mad Mind, informed me last week that she wouldn’t be able to give me code due to a pile of up of, well, life. So here I sit with no code, no train and no twitter lounge. What’s a blogger to do?

Talk about things that happened in the World this week, that’s what!

Not many of you may know, but, I’m a lapsed catholic. Which means I gave up on the Church or it gave up on me, I’m not sure which. No one’s fault. My religion now is the Golden Rule, “Treat others as you, yourself, would like to be treated”.

That being said, imagine my surprise when I read about the Pope resigning. Instantly the writer in me saw conspiracies, plots and hidden agendas. I didn’t take his reason at face value. Why? Because it didn’t seem real. How could a man elected to the highest office of Catholicism suddenly decide to quit? For health reasons?

Those of us who have seen too many gangster movies would immediately think, “oh, yeah, a case of cement shoes health reasons.” It just seemed so sudden to resign for health reasons. Even his closest advisors had no idea what was on his mind, from what I understand. The timing was weird as well. Two days before Ash Wednesday? Three days before Lent? He gave two weeks notice, so to speak, and his last day will be February 28, right in the middle of Lent.

My writer’s mind is full of plots for a book: the Pope resign due to bad guys. The bad guys want him to change Vatican law, cover up their swindling of the Church funds and the murder of his closest advisor. Backed into a corner he resigns. This throws the bad guys into a frenzy of plans to pick his successor who will be their puppet. And out of the shadows comes the WRITER who saves the day by uncovering the dastardly plot. 

Think I can get it written before Dan Brown does? Nah, me neither! 🙂

I hope that his health does improve. That he doesn’t regret his decision to quit and finds peace with his new life.

Have a great week and stay tuned!

About Shellie Sakai

Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.
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1 Response to Uh, I missed the Train! And a Pope.

  1. Angela says:

    Paul is a lapsed Catholic, too. However he does like to watch the pope on tv every now and then. When I asked him if he would like to go to another church his response surprised me because he said he would always be Catholic in his heart.

    He did bring up something else interesting about the pope resigning though. I’d heard it before but forgotten about it. There is a doomsday prophecy St. Malachy that says during the reign of the 112th pope Jesus will return to judge us.



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