Mirror, Mirror on the….wtf??!

We all have mirrors in our lives. Some are at the gym, doctor, work, home, beauty parlor and those highly mirrored windows on street level. Have you ever noticed just how brutal mirrors outside your home are?

In an unofficial poll (10 people responded, give or take 3), I asked “Do you hate mirrors?” The response was overwhelmingly “Yes!”. Most went on to state that department store mirrors, were in their opinion “cruel and unusual punishment”.

Is it the lighting? Our own insecurities? Or did the manufacturers put a special, “F@@k You”, coating on the commercial mirrors? Are they punking us with these special mirrors? And have they been for years?

Is that why mirrors at home make us look nice, wonderful or dare I say it, beautiful? But, leave the house, go to the nearest department store and suddenly you don’t see Snow White, you see the Evil Queen!

I say, to h@ll with the budget! We need a special congressional investigation into the manufacture of mirrors. Let’s expose this wicked, mentally damaging plot now! Before swimsuit season is here!

Do you feel the pain when you look into a department store mirror? Or even a mirror at a beauty parlor? Tell me your tale of horror! Remember we  all put our swimsuits on the same, one leg at a time. 🙂

About Shellie Sakai

Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.
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