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Now that I have passed the point of no return, have come through the valley of shadows and finally got my head out of you-know-where its time to do a little crowing. Crowing in the sense of tooting my own … Continue reading

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Why writers are wicked cool

Today’s post is dedicated to writers and the wicked cool things we get to do. We can create our own worlds and “the world is our oyster”. We get to create the Hero/Heroine/Villian of our dreams and then tell them … Continue reading

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Some days start with a good cup of coffee and the creative juices flowing strong. Others with a blockage and lack of direction. I have been stressing about this blog, what to write, and how to write it. I have … Continue reading

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Where’s the tomatoes?

I am writing a book. There I said it out loud. **waits for tomatoes to coming flying** Nothing? **still waiting** Okay, I have to admit that telling anyone ever about me writing a book or even a blog is scary … Continue reading

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