So, how hot is hell exactly?

I have a feeling that it’s not as hot as Northern California right now.

When there are very few birds flying around, the bugs are doing dive bomb maneuvers after your blood and the geckos are hiding, you know it hot.

So to solve this problem there are a few options: (yes pretty bullet points again):

  • Stay in the pool until either you are so waterlogged you can’t float anymore or the SPF 1,000,000 you put on first thing that morning has worn off.
  • Put a fan on the table with a bowl full of ice cubes in front of it and let the cool breeze hit you in the face until the ice melts. Then repeat until you run out of ice because the ice maker can’t keep up.
  • Or my favorite, stay inside with the a/c set at 68 deg. until there’s a brown out.

Of course if you do item number three it will help more with getting your word count or page count or #wordmongering done. Sitting back in a/c comfort with a tall cold drink trying to decide if the Main Character in your book is going to get the s**t kicked out of him or if he is going to pull a ninja/ kung fu/ samurai super move on the bad guy and kick some serious butt! What could be better than that? Oh, wait maybe it would be sitting here:

With a tall glass of this:

With this guy to rub lotion on the spots you can’t reach:

If you don’t recognise him that is Dean from Supernatural!   >:)

So what do you do to beat the heat? Your favorite cooling drink with or without alcohol? Do you use sunscreen or are you a tan-all-the-time-and-damn-the-age-spots type of person? Do we need to pick a different cabana boy or are you happy with this one? Guys, what cabana girl would you like to have?

Thanks for stopping by……going for more ice the bowl is empty! LOL!

Wicked Fun NOT


Fun is well, Fun. Rollercoasters, haunted houses, hay rides (oops dating myself) and reading a good book. Fun is the movies with popcorn/soda and trying to forget the fact you paid $40.00 for the privilege.

Fun is not trying to fix iTunes. I consider myself pretty computer savvy. Meaning I don’t fry my hard drive on a regular basis or jaunt about the internet without virus protection to the nth degree.

But, iTunes continues to mess with me. Hubby got me a terabyte hard drive backup (yummy!) and at christmas a new desktop computer came my way. Yes, I am spoiled this I freely admit. ~cheesy grin~ So, over the course of the last three months I have tried to put all my songs and audiobooks onto Itunes on my new computer. Did it work? NO!!

It duplicates, or it won’t upload and trying to get it to copy a playlist from one computer to the other, forget it. The files got doubled to the point where I almost, almost, erased everything and started over. Then I got scared. What if I deleted something I didn’t have backed up?

So, here I sit, with 70 billion duplicates on iTunes and no clear way to fix it besides going through each and every album. I have a lot on iTunes, close to 100 gigs of music and audiobooks. I love me some music! LOL!

I am asking for help here. I know the duplicates on iTunes will pick out duplicate names but, it will show songs/same artist/different albums as duplicates. ARRGH! Please, for the sake of my sanity and the continued well-being of my hard drive capacity, any ideas for deleting duplicates would be most welcome! ~waiting with bated breath~

Does anyone else have problems with iTunes? What kind of issues do you have?

Thanks for stopping by……

P.S.  I would like to thank everyone who commented here or tweeted or facebooked words of encouragement over the last few weeks. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

An unwicked post

I must apologize to everyone. My dreaded day job has gotten in the way of my creativity this week. For those who don’t know I prepare taxes to support my writing fix. This week is turning out to be more difficult than usually for the end of tax season.

Why you ask? Well, saturday is also senior prom for youngest daughter. And I am also trying to get graduation announcements done this week. Yes, I am late. No, you don’t have to tell me that I procrastinated (she tells me every day).

So, I am sorry but the wickedness will have to resume next week, when I can breathe again.

Thanks for understanding and for stopping by…..

Are you Wicked?

Weird friday happenings. Sitting at work and the water dude comes into the office. You know, the guy who changes the water bottle or brings full bottles.

Any who, I was minding my own business trying to figure out this tax problem when he said “Can I ask you a question?” and I said “Okay” not knowing what was coming out of his mouth. I mean, this man never says boo to me. So I thought, this is weird. ~enough internal dialogue~

He says “Are you Wicked?” My jaw dropped in my lap. Picked up my jaw and said “Yes, I am.” I know what you are going to ask “Did you leer?” Nope. Not even a smirk. Pinky swear.

He just laughed at me and left the office. So now I am scratching my head. No one at the office knows about this blog. No one even knows much about my book except I am writing one. So how did he know I was wicked?

A co-worker who just happened to see the whole exchange asked me “So you’re evil?” And I turned to her and said “Only on Fridays”.

I love Fridays because it is the end to my purgatory. Saturday is just hours away. Heck, Friday night is just as good as Saturday. The weekend is my holy grail and I chase it every week.

The weekend is when I can let my hair down and “party like its 1999”. Which for me is sleeping in until 7am, walking around in my jammies until noon and then having a leisurely nap on my oh so comfy couch. Sunday is for big breakfasts, the kind you can’t have during the week, and for slowly doing laundry.

During tax season no chores get done. By the time the weekend comes my brain is fried. So I am not even coherent enough to remember that detergent goes in the washing machine and not in the toilet.

So my whole point to this ramble is: Yes, I am Wicked. Yes, on Fridays I am evil (notice small letters, so I am only a little evil) and let’s all take a nap tomorrow. 2pm good for you? Meet you on the couch…

What are your favorite weekend rituals? Are you full of wickedness on Fridays? When its time to go home do you feel like you have been released from prison?

Thanks for stopping by…..

Why writers are wicked cool

Today’s post is dedicated to writers and the wicked cool things we get to do.

  1. We can create our own worlds and “the world is our oyster”.
  2. We get to create the Hero/Heroine/Villian of our dreams and then tell them what to do. And most of the time they don’t talk back !
  3. We can have a romance that ends the way we want and no one can take it away (except the critique partner/group).
  4. We can kill off the characters we created and not go to jail for murder.
  5. Copyright – this means that other people can come play in our sand box but we can say “mine” without being selfish.
  6. Listening when someone is reading our books and knowing when they get the funny parts.
  7. We can scare the bejeezus out of people and not feel guilty that they have nightmares about our book.
  8. We get to sit at home, in our jammies (with or without bunny slippers), drinking coffee and have conversations with the people in our head. And not go to the looney bin.
  9. And last but not least,  is social media. The wonderful people we get to meet, visit with and call our friends. Now that is wicked cool.

Do you have a wicked cool writer that you like to read? Tweet to? Or if you are a writer what is the wickedest (yes, that is a real word) cool part of being a writer in your opinion?

Thanks for stopping by!

Wicked Things

If you have been to my blog before you may notice today that the tagline has changed. And with the tagline change comes a change in direction. Actually I have a direction now before I was wandering aimlessly in the desert of “what do I write about next?”.

I decided that the tagline “looking for a niche” meant exactly that. I was looking for my spot, my definition, my idea of what my blog should say. The marvellously wonderful and magnificent, Kristen Lamb,, author of “We Are Not Alone, a writer’s guide to social media” asked me how I would describe myself. Her words were “What are your list of ingredients?” I gave her a list, not very comprehensive one, but she saw a connection in my list of ingredients. She saw wicked. Wicked creatures, wicked thoughts, wicked chocolate brownies (yum!).

So this is the first of my wicked posts. And I hope you will enjoy the ride! It will be wild, fun and definitely wicked! So climb into the rollercoaster, make sure your seat belt is fastened and let the fun begin. And if you still have a stomach after the rollercoaster ride, brownies and milk will be waiting!

What comes to mind when you hear the word wicked? Leave a comment and let’s talk wickedness!  

Thanks for stopping by!