The end is near….where is my hat?

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. So many things happening, so little time to do them in.

I am nearing the end of my book and realised that I don’t a clue what the ending scene will be like. I mean I have an idea about how it should end. But, I can’t seem to put it on paper in a way that will make sense.  Does this mean I need to write a sequel? Or do I need to cut some of my little darlings so I can make an ending happen? Good night! How did I get myself into this mess? And before you tell me it’s because I am a pantster, I already beat myself up over that one.

Sorry but, I can’t help it. I have tried dozens of ways to plan this story and the damn thing just seems to go in the opposite direction! Planning used to be an essential part of my life. Right down to what I would wear to work for the next week, it was all planned. Then something funny happened: I met my husband. Plans went right out the window. For the last 11 years I haven’t been able to plan until the actual day, or sometimes two days, before the event is supposed to happen. YIKES!

So I can’t find my thinking cap. My plan oriented mind is full of cobwebs. And I have a book that is almost done except for the last scene.

HELP! Any ideas, thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would love to get this one on its way to the revision stage before NaNoWriMo. Yep, I signed up. Did you?

Thanks for stopping by!

PS. I am going to revamp my blog. My wicked self is going on hiatus. And yes, the spider is staying.

Save me from…. myself

Okay I have made a decision. I need to back off from this blog. As of this week I will only blog once a week. Wednesdays. And I will blog about wicked, silly, irritating and some paranormal topics. It will still be “Something Wicked this Way Comes” because I am too wicked to let go of it and there are too many wicked funny topics that need to be given the spotlight

I apologize for not having the moxie to continue on with a 3 time a week blog but, time is slipping away each day and what is a writer without a book? I consider myself a writer first and a blogger second. But, the blogger part has tied up the writer and shoved her into a closet. Books are my first love and writing is all about the love. I understand that this blog could be considered short stories, or a jump-start to my writing day but, I am too anal for that reasoning. I want my blog to have tons of comments, subscribers and posted all over the internet. Not happening. It is like the plant on “Little shop of Horrors” always yelling “FEED ME!”. So I will, once a week. I would rather write one excellent blog instead of three mediocre blogs.

I tip my hat to these wonderful bloggers who make it look so effortless. Pamela Mason, Danielle Meitiv Piper Bayard, Jami Gold, Kristen Lamb, Tiffany White, Jenny Hansen, Anglea McGill aka Curiocat , Kathy Owen, Amy Shojai, Chuck Wendig, and Anna DeStefano, to name a small few. If I don’t have you listed my apologies. I have read so many wonderful blogs by so many wonderful people it is hard to list them all. So if you are not on the list shoot me a comment because I am going to do a list of  “totally wicked blogs  you should visit” at the bottom of each Wednesday’s blog.

Thank you everyone who has posted a comment, tweeted, Facebook’d or just visited me on this blog. Next Wednesday I will make it more wicked and enjoyable. I mean, what’s life without a little wickedness?

Thanks for stopping by and for sticking with me!

A devilish good time……

Welcome to Wickedness Abounds!

Today’s topic is Mr James Rollins new book “The Devil Colony”. Tomorrow is the release of the book and the twitterverse is all set to party “like its 1999!”. Come celebrate the release of an awesome book by an awesome guy…..

All you have to do is be on twitter and join the #devilcolony discussion. If you like to be in contests then post cool pics of devils, devilled eggs, devils food cake, devil dogs, evil devil cats and of course your cute face in a devil costume!

James will pick his favs and they will go on his wall of shame. Then the bestest of the best will get a mystery prize! Hmmm love prizes…

So put your party hat on and come join us for a devilish time on twitter tomorrow. It will be a day of fun and goofiness. Let’s all take a break and celebrate a fellow writer’s success!

Do you love dressing up in costume? What about devilled eggs? Or is your fav devils food cake? What theme will we be partying to for your book’s release?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you at #devilcolony tomorrow!!

Fun, isn’t friday supposed to be fun?

I am enrolled in Candace Havens’ Comprehensive Writing Class. We start fast draft today.

For those of you who don’t know what fast draft is, you put in enough time each day to reach a goal of 20 pages. You give yourself permission to write a crappy first draft. You send your internal editor on a long much-needed vacation. And last but not least you make yourself accountable for those 20 pages a day for two weeks. No Whining is allowed.  

No whining, you say? 20 pages a day for TWO WEEKS? Wow.

Yeah, I know. I want to say no problem. I want to say piece of cake. But, that would make me a big fat liar. I am shaking in my shoes. And to make it worse for myself, I decided to do it pencil and paper. When I am doing my wip on the computer and those little red lines or green lines appear, I immediately want to go backwards and fix it. That loses momentum in the story because then I am revising as I go. Nope, can’t do that with pencil and paper. If it’s misspelled it’s going to stay misspelled until I transcribe it into the computer. That way I can revise and input all at the same time. Clever? Or sadomasochistic?

I am starting to believe that I have to like a little bit of self-torture or otherwise I would run screaming in the opposite direction when Candy said we were doing fast draft. LOL!

No, seriously. I really believe that this will help me with my wip and my reluctance to sit down and actually write. Because, I still think deep down inside that I am a fraud. That everyone is more clever, more talented, just more than me. Silly right? Welcome to the world of the insecure writer. You can have the seat right next to me……..

Would you like to do a fast draft? Do you have self-imposed obstacles to writing time? What is your favorite excuse you use for not writing? Or are you so disciplined you make my teeth hurt? What is your favorite method for writing?

Thanks for stopping by……need to go sharpen all of my pencils and make sure I have lots of paper! LOL!

Tech junkie

Being a tech junkie has its advantages and disadvantages. Spending money for the latest and greatest can bite you in the rear. Betamax tapes. Enough said.

 We have become a nation ruled by the electrical outlet. Batteries and chargers have become a way of life. Remember the old days when you didn’t need to take six different chargers on a trip?

I am an unabashed tech junkie. I love all of the gadgets we have now to play with. Yes, I said play. I know you want to justify that iPad 2/iPhone/laptop/Blackberry/smart phone/super charged desktop/stuff as work implements but come on what level are you on in angry birds? Or do you play Bejewelled? Or Mahjong ? Or solitaire? Or 3 Peak? How many games do you have on your phone?


Have you ever tried to back away from a particular toy? It is so hard. I lust after an iPad 2. A friend has one and I got to play with it for an afternoon. Wow. What a cool toy. I can see why people love them.  It was so easy to just pop out of one application and go on to another. And there are so many applications available it is astonishing!

So I lust in my heart. The only question is will I get a Kindle or a i Pad 2? Decisions, decisions……

Is there a tech toy you lust after? Do you want to play angry birds? Do you play it and what level are you on? What is your most favorite tech toy of all time? What games do you have loaded on your phone or computer? 

Thanks for stopping by…..I think I will go dig out my gameboy ds and play Zelda.😀

Just checking in…..

Its friday. I know you know its friday. I just thought I would remind you. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend. Enjoy your downtime and smell the roses/day lily/daisies/carnations. Have fun and be silly. Life is too short to do otherwise.

Fun pic to last you through the weekend……

Two of my favorite things – a wicked smile and coffee!

Have a great weekend!

Picture perfect…..

After all of the disagreements with my muse this week I decided that a little fun was called for. The following pictures came without captions. The captions are what popped into my mind as soon as I saw the picture. So let’s see how warped I really am…..

come here my pretty……


me without coffee


and no, I don’t like my coffee black

Are you sensing a theme about now?

And last but not least –

 Yes, I know it had a caption on it. But, it’s still damn funny.

Do you have a love affair with coffee? Do you drink it black, or with cream and sugar? Which beverage at Starbucks fits your personality?

Thanks for stopping by… Hope everyone has a great weekend! (and I am a Caramel Frappuccino – stirred around in a blender like crazy!)

Wicked Fun NOT


Fun is well, Fun. Rollercoasters, haunted houses, hay rides (oops dating myself) and reading a good book. Fun is the movies with popcorn/soda and trying to forget the fact you paid $40.00 for the privilege.

Fun is not trying to fix iTunes. I consider myself pretty computer savvy. Meaning I don’t fry my hard drive on a regular basis or jaunt about the internet without virus protection to the nth degree.

But, iTunes continues to mess with me. Hubby got me a terabyte hard drive backup (yummy!) and at christmas a new desktop computer came my way. Yes, I am spoiled this I freely admit. ~cheesy grin~ So, over the course of the last three months I have tried to put all my songs and audiobooks onto Itunes on my new computer. Did it work? NO!!

It duplicates, or it won’t upload and trying to get it to copy a playlist from one computer to the other, forget it. The files got doubled to the point where I almost, almost, erased everything and started over. Then I got scared. What if I deleted something I didn’t have backed up?

So, here I sit, with 70 billion duplicates on iTunes and no clear way to fix it besides going through each and every album. I have a lot on iTunes, close to 100 gigs of music and audiobooks. I love me some music! LOL!

I am asking for help here. I know the duplicates on iTunes will pick out duplicate names but, it will show songs/same artist/different albums as duplicates. ARRGH! Please, for the sake of my sanity and the continued well-being of my hard drive capacity, any ideas for deleting duplicates would be most welcome! ~waiting with bated breath~

Does anyone else have problems with iTunes? What kind of issues do you have?

Thanks for stopping by……

P.S.  I would like to thank everyone who commented here or tweeted or facebooked words of encouragement over the last few weeks. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.