Week one of Fast Draft

I would like to say that I kicked a** this week. Yeah, no. I have done moderately well, as in 10 to 18 pages per day. One day was not good, that was 4.5 pages. Just couldn’t concentrate with the cabana boy and the SPF lotion situation. LOL!

Yes, this is my unhappy/I am so sorry/ I will never do it again face. So now we start week two. Lord, love little ducks. My brain actually hurts. I started this book thinking “oh, man, this is gonna be a breeze. Just sit down and write all day. In my jammies. With my bunny slippers on.” Was I wrong. Seriously dead wrong. I looked over at my daughter yesterday and said “This is hard work. What was I thinking?” And her words were…….

In other words put on my big girl panties and get this book done! Like yesterday! Ye gods and little fishes,  I want to say enough this is too hard. But, my inner demon (aka my muse) just smacks me upside the head and gives me another book idea.

Another book idea! Yes. Another book idea. One thing I will say about fast draft is it really pulls out the stops on your imagination. Sending my inner critic (who in her off time works for the IRS in the audit department) on vacation to hell, really opened up the floodgates for book ideas. I have had six this week. Six. They may not become actual books but, the ideas are there.

So wish me luck as I go through the gates into purgatory for the second week of fast draft. It is sure to be another interesting week!

So, would you like to do fast draft? Or would you rather vacation in Hell? Do book ideas come easy for you or is it like getting a root canal? And a show of hands (virtual) of how many of you think this writing business is not for the faint of heart? That it is hard and the writers who make it look easy are just yanking our chain?

Thanks for stopping by…hope you have a wonderful weekend!