Tech junkie

Being a tech junkie has its advantages and disadvantages. Spending money for the latest and greatest can bite you in the rear. Betamax tapes. Enough said.

 We have become a nation ruled by the electrical outlet. Batteries and chargers have become a way of life. Remember the old days when you didn’t need to take six different chargers on a trip?

I am an unabashed tech junkie. I love all of the gadgets we have now to play with. Yes, I said play. I know you want to justify that iPad 2/iPhone/laptop/Blackberry/smart phone/super charged desktop/stuff as work implements but come on what level are you on in angry birds? Or do you play Bejewelled? Or Mahjong ? Or solitaire? Or 3 Peak? How many games do you have on your phone?


Have you ever tried to back away from a particular toy? It is so hard. I lust after an iPad 2. A friend has one and I got to play with it for an afternoon. Wow. What a cool toy. I can see why people love them.  It was so easy to just pop out of one application and go on to another. And there are so many applications available it is astonishing!

So I lust in my heart. The only question is will I get a Kindle or a i Pad 2? Decisions, decisions……

Is there a tech toy you lust after? Do you want to play angry birds? Do you play it and what level are you on? What is your most favorite tech toy of all time? What games do you have loaded on your phone or computer? 

Thanks for stopping by…..I think I will go dig out my gameboy ds and play Zelda.😀

A little bit of nostalgia

Ah.. memories. The summer I was 12 and my brother 8, our dad went out and bought us Atari : Pong. It was a simple game, a small white dot bounced back and forth off of white bars that moved up and down. We sat for hours playing that game.  Were we bored? Nope. We played for hours only stopping for bathroom breaks and food. I really think that my mom enjoyed that summer the most. We left her alone. And what mom wouldn’t like a summer of peace?

My next video game was Zelda. On Nintendo 64. I was in heaven. Here was a game that brought all of my fantasy books into 2D reality! Castles, monsters, quests, magic items, magic powers, a princess that needed rescuing by THE HERO!

I got older and lost touch with my gamer side. Kids, work and paying the bills took up most of my day. But, I still thought about Zelda every now and then.

Eight or nine years ago my (now) husband Pete hearing me talk of being a gamer took matters into his own hands. He did some asking around, talked to my girls and voila! for my birthday bought me a Gameboy. With a Zelda game. And it was like I was 12 again. Zelda needed to be saved and Link was going to do it! I played until I beat the game. I found out that Zelda had several games and so I got them all for my gameboy. I have other games but Zelda is my favorite.

I still get to be the hero, save the day, and oh, annihilate some bad guys. It makes sense my love for RPG games and my writing a paranormal book. I will have my castle, my hero and my quest. Life is good.

Did you play video games when you were a kid? Do you let your inner kid out and play them still? Do you think your gamer side influenced your writer side? Let me know. And thanks for stopping by.