Fudge it – Sugar happens

Reading is a passion. Storytelling is an obsession. Writing is inevitable.

I am a wife, mom and sarcastic witch from Hell. When those occupations get too tame I sell advertising for a small local paper. Yep, I try ( and often do) convince people that print meida is not dead. 🙂

I love to read. Reading a favorite book over and over is a common occurance. Then I start putting myself, as a character, into the story **cough Dragonrider cough**. This led to telling my daughters stories that I had pieced together from books that I had read and my own imagination. So, this path brought me to writing. I have published my very first brick on Amazon. And soon I hope to follow up with a even better ebook.

This blog is a compliation of my sarcasm, love of books, and insight into the ridiculous. Sit back and enjoy the ride, because Fudge it – Sugar happens.

2 Responses to Fudge it – Sugar happens

  1. Hey there. I’ve sent you the Versatile Blogger award. I hope you don’t mind. This is the link: http://wp.me/pJqgY-lU. Thank for giving great blog. Congrats! Angela/Curiocat.

  2. I just wanted to compliment you on your blog – I enjoy all forms of wittiness and and sarcasm and you’ve nailed it, but from your blog title, your “Fudge It” tab, and your post titles (and of course the content).
    From one who is fluent in sarcasm to another – excellent job!

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