Now that I have passed the point of no return, have come through the valley of shadows and finally got my head out of you-know-where its time to do a little crowing. Crowing in the sense of tooting my own horn, making happy noises and of course doing a happy dance.

Let me explain. My last kid went to college the beginning of August. I spent the better part of August pouting, sad, depressed and just generally a gloomy gus. I just knew that something was going to happen to her, she was going to be super homesick or ~gasp~ lonely. I, of course, would have to ride to the rescue and save her from this horrible fate. The joke is so on me.

I went to Everett, Washington to visit her last week. And was it an eye opener. She is happy, safe, not homesick (except for her Idaho friends), and eager for her classes to start. Haley zips around town in her little vw and doesn’t even get lost! The nerve of her!

She does her own grocery shopping, gets gas for her car and knows all of the emergency numbers. Haley makes her own dinners, takes care of her landlady’s house and dog, and gets to volleyball practice on time. What is this world coming to?!!

I want to say all kidding aside that everyone told me it would be okay. Everyone reassured me that I would adjust to being an empty-nester. That the world would not come to an end because Haley was in Washington and I was in California. That she would still be my baby.

And you were right.

Thanks for stopping by…… >:)

So, how hot is hell exactly?

I have a feeling that it’s not as hot as Northern California right now.

When there are very few birds flying around, the bugs are doing dive bomb maneuvers after your blood and the geckos are hiding, you know it hot.

So to solve this problem there are a few options: (yes pretty bullet points again):

  • Stay in the pool until either you are so waterlogged you can’t float anymore or the SPF 1,000,000 you put on first thing that morning has worn off.
  • Put a fan on the table with a bowl full of ice cubes in front of it and let the cool breeze hit you in the face until the ice melts. Then repeat until you run out of ice because the ice maker can’t keep up.
  • Or my favorite, stay inside with the a/c set at 68 deg. until there’s a brown out.

Of course if you do item number three it will help more with getting your word count or page count or #wordmongering done. Sitting back in a/c comfort with a tall cold drink trying to decide if the Main Character in your book is going to get the s**t kicked out of him or if he is going to pull a ninja/ kung fu/ samurai super move on the bad guy and kick some serious butt! What could be better than that? Oh, wait maybe it would be sitting here:

With a tall glass of this:

With this guy to rub lotion on the spots you can’t reach:

If you don’t recognise him that is Dean from Supernatural!   >:)

So what do you do to beat the heat? Your favorite cooling drink with or without alcohol? Do you use sunscreen or are you a tan-all-the-time-and-damn-the-age-spots type of person? Do we need to pick a different cabana boy or are you happy with this one? Guys, what cabana girl would you like to have?

Thanks for stopping by……going for more ice the bowl is empty! LOL!

A Round of Words in 80 days

Lord love all little ducks! As my mom used to say. Got myself signed up for A Round of Words in 80 days. No numbers to post this week. But, signing up will hopefully give me the boost back into the writing groove next week when tax season is over!

Goal – 5000 words -4/13 check in – nada, zip, zilch!

Goal – 5000 words – 4/17 check in – 650 words – A mere pittance!

Goal – 5000 words – 4/20 check in – 1021 words – I am on a roll!

Goal – 5000 words – 4/24 check in – 1228 words – HAPPY EASTER!

Goal – 5000 words – 4/27 check in – 738 words – Headache got in the way.:/

Goal – 5000 words – 5/1 check in – 1021 words – Went to Seattle and still got some mojo!

Goal – 5000 words – 5/4 check in – 1248 words – My muse hijacked me!

Goal – 5000 words – 5/8 check in – 428 words – Partied too hard on my birthday!

Good luck to everyone who signed up for A Round of Words in 80 days!

An unwicked post

I must apologize to everyone. My dreaded day job has gotten in the way of my creativity this week. For those who don’t know I prepare taxes to support my writing fix. This week is turning out to be more difficult than usually for the end of tax season.

Why you ask? Well, saturday is also senior prom for youngest daughter. And I am also trying to get graduation announcements done this week. Yes, I am late. No, you don’t have to tell me that I procrastinated (she tells me every day).

So, I am sorry but the wickedness will have to resume next week, when I can breathe again.

Thanks for understanding and for stopping by…..

Are you Wicked?

Weird friday happenings. Sitting at work and the water dude comes into the office. You know, the guy who changes the water bottle or brings full bottles.

Any who, I was minding my own business trying to figure out this tax problem when he said “Can I ask you a question?” and I said “Okay” not knowing what was coming out of his mouth. I mean, this man never says boo to me. So I thought, this is weird. ~enough internal dialogue~

He says “Are you Wicked?” My jaw dropped in my lap. Picked up my jaw and said “Yes, I am.” I know what you are going to ask “Did you leer?” Nope. Not even a smirk. Pinky swear.

He just laughed at me and left the office. So now I am scratching my head. No one at the office knows about this blog. No one even knows much about my book except I am writing one. So how did he know I was wicked?

A co-worker who just happened to see the whole exchange asked me “So you’re evil?” And I turned to her and said “Only on Fridays”.

I love Fridays because it is the end to my purgatory. Saturday is just hours away. Heck, Friday night is just as good as Saturday. The weekend is my holy grail and I chase it every week.

The weekend is when I can let my hair down and “party like its 1999”. Which for me is sleeping in until 7am, walking around in my jammies until noon and then having a leisurely nap on my oh so comfy couch. Sunday is for big breakfasts, the kind you can’t have during the week, and for slowly doing laundry.

During tax season no chores get done. By the time the weekend comes my brain is fried. So I am not even coherent enough to remember that detergent goes in the washing machine and not in the toilet.

So my whole point to this ramble is: Yes, I am Wicked. Yes, on Fridays I am evil (notice small letters, so I am only a little evil) and let’s all take a nap tomorrow. 2pm good for you? Meet you on the couch…

What are your favorite weekend rituals? Are you full of wickedness on Fridays? When its time to go home do you feel like you have been released from prison?

Thanks for stopping by…..

Why writers are wicked cool

Today’s post is dedicated to writers and the wicked cool things we get to do.

  1. We can create our own worlds and “the world is our oyster”.
  2. We get to create the Hero/Heroine/Villian of our dreams and then tell them what to do. And most of the time they don’t talk back !
  3. We can have a romance that ends the way we want and no one can take it away (except the critique partner/group).
  4. We can kill off the characters we created and not go to jail for murder.
  5. Copyright – this means that other people can come play in our sand box but we can say “mine” without being selfish.
  6. Listening when someone is reading our books and knowing when they get the funny parts.
  7. We can scare the bejeezus out of people and not feel guilty that they have nightmares about our book.
  8. We get to sit at home, in our jammies (with or without bunny slippers), drinking coffee and have conversations with the people in our head. And not go to the looney bin.
  9. And last but not least,  is social media. The wonderful people we get to meet, visit with and call our friends. Now that is wicked cool.

Do you have a wicked cool writer that you like to read? Tweet to? Or if you are a writer what is the wickedest (yes, that is a real word) cool part of being a writer in your opinion?

Thanks for stopping by!


Some days start with a good cup of coffee and the creative juices flowing strong. Others with a blockage and lack of direction. I have been stressing about this blog, what to write, and how to write it. I have been having….BLOG BLOCKAGE! No, you gasp! Yes, it is true and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I used a wet noodle to beat myself up good and proper for not being able to post anything in 2.5 weeks. (I could give you the hours and minutes, just let’s say that it was a long time).

So this is my blog. I am going to stop being worried that everyone will like it. (Yeah, right…still worries but working on it)


I believe that blogs, twitter, email and Facebook to name a few social media sites are helpful and can be a problem. Making friends on Facebook and having followers on twitter is a great feeling.

There are some people have difficulties with face to face conversations (me). But, put them on Facebook or twitter and away they go! These social media sites create a sense of community and togetherness. They do what the ice cream social and neighborhood block parties did in the past.

But, there is pressure as well. Pressure to perform. To put a blog out there for people to read and get to know you. To tweet funny and wonderful comments.

I felt like I was being pushed down the rabbit hole with Alice. So I told myself, I said “Self, time to stop being on this hamster wheel. Blog when you have an idea that doesn’t suck eggs and not before.” Quit focusing on what you can’t do and switch to what you can do! (Thanks Jenny!)

My ideas for blogs didn’t center on my writing they centered on me, and my life. I wanted the blogs to do both. So after asking for help from my social media class (HI there; Jenny, Damien, Amy, PJ, Pamela, Angela, Jen, Danielle, Grace, and Michele) I got a few ideas on how to spark ideas. My daughter Haley, put ideas on a calendar. Candace Havens also told me about a trick with orange paper (you put what you want to dream about on a piece of orange paper and put it under your pillow before you go to sleep).

Free writing ideas worked, the orange paper did surprisingly provide quite a few ideas and Haley, well, let’s just say she also used the wet noodle on me…..

Maybe the block was a fluke or the real thing but, its gone for now. And I would like to thank everyone who helped. You guys are the best!

Damian Trasler –

Amy Shojai –

Danielle Meitiv –

Pamela Mason –

Jen Greyson –

Jenny Hansen –

PJ Kaiser –

Grace H. Lewis –

Michele Blaker –

Angela  McGill-

And our wonderful teacher KRISTEN LAMB – 

Have you ever suffered from BLOG BLOCKAGE? What did you do to recover from this horrible illness? Please ideas for future relapses would be wonderful, thank you.

And thanks for stopping by!

Where’s the tomatoes?

I am writing a book. There I said it out loud. **waits for tomatoes to coming flying** Nothing? **still waiting** Okay, I have to admit that telling anyone ever about me writing a book or even a blog is scary stuff. I, like most sane people, have a serious desire to be liked. Some people (or ferrets @samuel_clemons) are so charming or cute that everyone wants to be their friend. Then there are the others (me) who have wit and a razor-sharp tongue, that more often than not gets them into trouble.

I have the ability to put my foot in my mouth, so quickly that I can break the speed of light.  So, making friends is hard, hard work.

Then I happened to be in Candace Havens online writing class . She has an amazing talent for creating characters and worlds that seem so realistic that you say “Let’s go there for our next vacation”. And she can crack the writing whip so hard that you automatically say “Yes Ma’am!”  She had Kristen Lamb on to talk to us about social media. Now, I am a lurker when it comes to online classes. I do the work, but, because of my foot/mouth syndrome I tend to not post a lot of comments.

Kristen talked about how a writer should promote themselves on social websites like twitter, Facebook, my space or even on a blog. That by doing this they connect with readers and that encourages readers to purchase your books because they feel that they have a relationship with you, the writer. Good stuff, time proven over and over again. I panicked. Walked away from the computer and didn’t log on again for two days. I looked at the class again and there she was again talking about being social. Gaaahh! I talked to my husband (he gets my jokes) and he said “Go for it”. So, I bought Kristen’s book. I got it e-book style. I let it sit in the computer for a week before I started to read it. Then I would get hives while reading the book just thinking about interacting with people online.

I had my 18 yr old daughter help me set up my Facebook page. I waited. I befriended some family members and waited again. (I was waiting for the internet police to come to my house and tell me to stop it.) I added Kristen, Jami Gold (another wonderful person) and a couple of non-writer non-family friends. Again I waited, and while I was waiting all of these people friended me back! Wow! I have friends! Then Kristen, made me a fly with her Warrior Writer’s Boot Camp. Bam! I had more friends!

Then I set up twitter and this blog on the same day. I followed everyone, on twitter, that I was friends with on Facebook. AND THEY FOLLOWED ME BACK!

This is only my second blog, and I am still waiting for the virtual tomatoes (stole that from Kristen) but, my foot/mouth syndrome is getting better, now I am down to zero to sixty seconds, instead of speed of light! I am not saying that it isn’t hard work coming out of my shell but, I have learned that it will be okay. Because there is always someone out there worse off than me ~cough, Charlie Sheen, cough~. Just saying.

 If you like me are more of a lurker and want to be more social, get Kristen Lamb’s book “We Are Not Alone, a Writer’s guide to social media” or visit her blog . She will help you with your social media and give you a good laugh too!